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We often hear about the supposed power of positive thinking from various sources: mindset trends that show up on TV, in our Facebook newsfeeds and in new books released by holistic practitioners and lifestyle coaches alike. Yet, a number of people tend to overlook, or all together brush-off, this popular jargon if it doesn’t seem to relate to their own lives at the moment.

The power of positive thinking, however, goes beyond a fake-it-til-you-make-it approach to life—in fact, if used correctly, making over your thoughts can change your entire outlook for the better. Here’s how to manifest a move toward positivity.

1. Pay attention to your inner monologue.
Start with some emotional awareness and really begin to pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Are you always saying how you wished you could get up an hour earlier and be more productive? Do you stare at your body in the mirror wishing it looked different?

When these thoughts crop up, first you must notice them and acknowledge them for what they are. Then, instead of continuing to say negative things about your choices or body, rephrase these thoughts by sharing something you do love about your body, your life, your job, etc. Start with the things you tend to get down on yourself the most about (when you are your own worst enemy), and constantly rephrase whatever you’re telling yourself about those aspects of yourself or your life.

If you can do this regularly, your inner critic will be forced out of a job and out of your head, and you’ll be filling that space with more positive thoughts.

2. Turn positive talk into a habit.
If you will do the work to notice your thoughts and work to change how you talk to yourself, and about yourself, you’ll soon form a lasting habit. This will not only make you feel better about yourself and the various situations that come up in your life, but it will also allow you to send good messages out into the Universe.

In this way, you’ll not only form a habit but a ritual of positivity. As a psychic, I will tell you this is incredibly powerful work to do for yourself, because your guides and Spirit will reward you for the work you are doing inside of your own life. Like attracts like, so if you’re being positive you’ll attract more of that positivity.

3. Consider the alternative.
Yes, there are people who genuinely believe that being positive all of the time is a dangerous practice. They think that it makes your life or viewpoint unrealistic. But what’s the other option?

If you have to choose between seeing the beauty in all situations and focusing on the negative, try to choose the former—choose happiness. Because there are plenty of things in life that constantly test our ability to be happy. You certainly don’t need to add fuel to that wildfire.
Happiness and positive thinking are choices we can make to bring ourselves closer to the spiritual realm and, likewise, to bring the positivity of the other side into our own lives.

I challenge you to try this practice and see how it changes your mindset. If you already practice positive thinking, please share how doing so has changed your life in the comments below. 


Tekniken slår ut människan

Tekniska hjälpmedel
Så mycket skrivs om teknik, appar, komplexa system… visst, de behövs… men, som stöd och hjälpmedel.

Värna om människan
Människan glöms tyvärr ofta bort. Hänger du inte med teknikmässigt är du utbytbar.
Det är bättre och viktigare att värna om människan, individen, medarbetaren.
Varierad ålders- och könsfördelning ger en pulserande och effektiv arbetsplats.

Nyckeln till arbetsglädje
Kommunikation, oliktänkande ger energi och nyskapande. Det är nyckeln till arbetsglädje och produktivitet. Vem är först ut att visa på det?